Medio de flujo natural gas
t⁰C entorno de trabajo hasta ≈+100⁰С
Clase de estanqueidad A, as per GOST 9544-2015

Stem Steel 20Х13, steel 40Х
Sealing rings Pentasil-1627, Pentasil-1629, EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber)
Body, neck Steel 20ГЛ
Branch pipe Steel 20ГЛ
Stopper Steel 09Г2С
Seat PEEK (polyetheretherketone)
Spring twisted Steel spring 60С2А


  • Most practical for the natural gas pipelines under pressure of 16 MPa and working medium temperature up to +100ºC
  • Reliable for operation at the critical sectors of the pipeline
  • Complete tightness as per class A to shut off the medium flow
  • Up-to-date design of the heavy-duty flanged rubberized wedge gate valve made for the harsh conditions of operation in Russia
  • Competitive price from the Manufacturer
  • Easy to install, operate, maintain and repair
  • Reliable and robust design