The UZTPA production potential is capable of coping with any special task facing the client

Full bore and reduced bore ball valves of the Ugreshsky Industrial Valves Plant can be manufactured with different thickness of branch pipes for installation or assembly on pipes with increased wall thickness, in polyurethane foam insulation, with a very reinforced coating, non-standard installation length, stainless steel valves for operation in the corrosive environments, with the stem extension up to 3 meters high or more. Ball valves UZTPA can be supplied with a set of fasteners, counter flanges and gaskets. They can be matched with the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators from various manufacturers.

At the UZTPA plant you can purchase vandal-proof ball valves - with a system of protection against unauthorized access to their controls. These kind of products are designed for installation in the gas distribution units and technological pipelines in places where unauthorized access is possible.

  • the valve can be controlled only by the original special lever
  • the use of vandal-proof valve allows to avoid the installation of additional safety equipment;

NEON ball valves with anti-tampering system are available from DN 15 to DN 200 reduced bore

We can provide the tailor-made solution for any special application in your organization