An innovative approach

The introduction of innovative technologies and management solutions into production is an important process that affects the growth of production and the development of the enterprise on the whole.

The main positions of UZTPA on innovative solutions:

  • the use of advanced technologies and equipment
  • increasing production efficiency and product quality
  • world quality standards in the organization of production
  • reducing the share of manual labor
  • minimal impact on the environment

Innovative approach principles

  • Fast reorganization for launching a new production
  • Strict and careful control at all stages of production
  • Specialized production cells
  • Optimization of costs of purchased products
  • Limited work in progress
  • Inventories
  • High flexibility of the production procedures
  • Maximum efficiency of in-house logistics
  • Optimization of costs for external logistics

Unique solutions

There are specific requirements for different areas of application of valves. A lot of pipelines are operated under non-standard conditions determined by the following criteria:

  • transported medium and its limiting temperatures
  • high or low pressure of the working medium
  • the level of laying and place of reinforcement installation
  • climatic execution
  • explosion proof
  • the type of connection to the pipeline

The UZTPA industrial valves have proven their worth under various operating and climatic conditions


High-tech equipment

The UZTPA equipment comes from the leading manufacturers and is certified as per the international standards. The premium equipment installed at the UZTPA plant guarantees the added-value manufacturing:

  • high precision and high productivity
  • energy saving
  • environmental safety
  • safe working conditions
  • cleanness of production
  • low labor costs of maintenance

UZTPA Machinery and Equipment

The UZTPA technical specialists operate the following modern machining, welding and testing equipment for the industrial valves production:

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: automated welding stations
Country - Austria

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: band saws, universal turning and milling machines
Country - Bulgaria

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: automated welding stations
Country - Finland

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: MAXIMA II CNC horizontal boring center
Country - Czech Republic

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: turning and milling machining centers with CNC
Country – South Korea

Equipment image

Equipment at UZTPA: CNC vertical boring machining centers, CNC turning, milling and carousel production centers
Country – South Korea

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: spray booth
Country — Russia

Equipment image

UZTPA equipment: automated test benches for testing large-diameter industrial valves
Country - Holland

The UZTPA technical experts will continue to develop and introduce innovative projects and solutions in the production of high-quality industrial valves