Telephone and email

+7 (495) 120-57-89 – multichannel

Extension numbers:
Sales department: ext. 127, ext. 141, ext. 146
Human Resources Department: ext. 118


Legal address

152020, Yaroslavl region,
st. Svobody, d. 98, room 28, 29

Postal address

(for correspondence and official letters)
140093, Moscow region,
Dzerzhinsky, P.O. Box 1273

Plant address

140093, Moscow region, Dzerzhinsky, st. Lesnaya, 34

Regional sales department

Denis Zakharov,
Head of Department

St. Petersburg, st. Shpalernaya, 51,
Business Center "Tavrichesky"
Phone: +7 (495) 120-57-89 , ext. 150

Quality management department


UZTPA management pays special attention to the quality of service and communications with clients. You can send suggestions, recommendations or any information about contingency situations that may be associated with our products by this mailing address. The manager of the quality management department will always offer you a prompt solution. We appreciate your help that makes our work better