UZTPA, LLC pays closest attention to the quality of its products

Strict quality control is implemented to ensure high standards at all production stages and areas: from incoming control of materials and components, including ultrasonic testing, inter-operational control of all manufacturing procedures to 100% testing of all manufactured valves at six test sites. Each valve is subject to acceptance testing with a log entry into the product certificate.

Basic approaches to quality control:


Output control at partners’ enterprises

This type of quality control is carried out at the stage of ordering components and metal assortment. It includes the following steps:

  • audit of the partner enterprise by specialists of UZTPA LLC
  • verification of purchased components for compliance with design documentation
  • close work with the quality control department of the partner-enterprise to prevent defects and exclude the likelihood of delivery of low-quality parts to the UZTPA plant

Incoming control at the UZTPA, LLC

This type of control is carried out at the stage of delivery of components and metal assortment to the UZTPA plant and includes:

  • visual measurement control for compliance with the requirements of design documentation
  • verification of certificates and permits of the supplier of materials and components
  • selective sampling for the analysis of chemical composition and complex mechanical properties to confirm the characteristics of the finished product

Internal control, inspection, and tests at the enterprise

Control, inspection and tests are carried out at every stage of the production cycle of products. They include:

  • inter-operational control for compliance with the technological procedures
  • visual and instrumental inspection of parts for compliance with design documentation
  • control and inspection at the stage of welding
  • testing of each unit of production at the certified test benches
  • checking the quality of the paint coating and finished products packaging

Product testing and quality control at the enterprise

UZTPA LLC conducts a complete cycle of the industrial valve testing in accordance with the GOST 33257-2015 standard. Each valve at the plant is tested regardless of diameter

The tests are carried out in assembly with a standard control element: a lever, gearbox, or an electric actuator. On the top of that, testing of valves with stem extension is carried out in assembly, as well, since the UZTPA up-to-date test benches allow testing assembled shut-off valves with stem extension up to 3 meters high and a gearbox or electric actuator installed

Setting and adjustment of ball valves is carried out as per the UZTPA technology by the qualified specialists of the quality control department


There are following types of tests performed at the Ugreshsky industrial valves plant:

  • hydraulic tests for strength and density of welded seams and joints operating under pressure, as well as for tightness in relation to the external environment in accordance with GOST 33257-2015 and pressure PN 1.5;
  • pneumatic valve tightness tests with a pressure PN 1.1 in accordance with GOST 33257-2015;
  • performance tests at differential pressure in accordance with GOST 33257-2015.

On the top of that our specialists use ultrasonic testing to carry out the non-destructive testing of welded seams and cast billets on the plant premises