Product Certificates

All UZTPA products, subject to the obligatory confirmation of compliance in the form of certification and declaring, are certified by the accredited agencies to comply with the Technical Requirements (TR) of the Customs Union (CU):

  • TR CU 010 "Safety of Machinery and Equipment"
  • TR CU 032 "Safety of Equipment Operating Under Excessive Pressure"

and is certified to comply with the sanitary regulations of the Customs Union, as well as the hygienic expert opinions on the safety of use in drinking water supply systems

Management System Certificates

Certificates of compliance to the UZTPA Quality Management System (QMS) requirements. Our QMS is considered as one of the best in the Russian industry matching international and local standards for the industrial valves production.

Authorization documents for UZTPA, LLC

UZTPA, LLC is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow Region, since 2013