• A new enterprise Ugreshsky Industrial Valves Plant (UZTPA), LLC was founded on the territory of the town of Dzerzhinsky in Moscow region.


  • Erection of the plant buildings began with the construction of a 3,000 m2 workshop of the first stage and the administrative block. Laying the of construction site on which a modern plant for production of industrial valves was subsequently erected.


  • The first shop installation and modern metalworking complexes completed and put into operation, all the installed equipment certified
  • The company received all the required certificates for the supply of industrial valves
  • The first experimental ball valves DN 10 – DN 300 assembled


  • serial production of ball valves DN 10 – DN 300, PN 25 successfully launched
  • the first workshop reached the ball valves production capacity
  • the enterprise implemented a management and quality system in accordance with GOST ISO 9001 and STO Gazprom 9001.
  • the ground for the second production workshop with an area of 7000 m2 was laid.


  • Construction of the second production shop for the manufacturing of ball valves DN 400 to DN 1200 completed
  • Serial production of ball valves DN 400 mm – DN 600 launched
  • UZTPA products successfully passed certification tests in testing laboratories in St. Petersburg and Kashira


  • The second production workshop installation and commissioning of the workshop equipment: CNC turning and carousel processing centers, CNC turning milling center, automatic welding complexes and test benches. Put into operation this equipment allowed UZTPA to reach a new level of production capacity – up to DN 1200 ball valves
  • Highly qualified management and workforce amounted to more than 80 specialists
  • Production of the rubberized wedge gate valves up to DN 600 for heat and drinking water supply mastered
  • Serial production of ball valves up to DN 1000 mm launched
  • The 25,000th ball valve produced
  • UZTPA certified for the production and supply of ball valves for operating pressure up to 40 kgf/cm2
  • The plant reached its planned capacity
  • UZTPA started serial production of all standard sizes of ball valves up to DN 1200 for working pressure up to 40 kgf/cm2 and ambient temperatures up to 200 C


  • Launching serial production of the rubberized wedge gate valves up to DN 600 from ductile iron for heat and drinking water supply
  • UZTPA signed up large long-term contracts for industrial valves supplies to the Russian market
  • Production procedures modernized, and internal production costs optimized
  • Negotiating and optimizing logistics costs with transport companies and contractors
  • Introducing modern system of input, internal and output quality control at every stage of production
  • New technologies developed and used to increase scope of production and improve its efficiency
  • The first stage of the plant site improvement completed


  • Production of industrial vales, i.e. ball valves and rubberized wedge gate valves doubled
  • The second and third production shifts introduced
  • Optimization program of the production and logistics costs completed
  • Expansion of the enterprise vehicle fleet initiated by the logistics department
  • Labor force is more than 110 highly qualified specialists
  • The second stage of the local territory and site improvement completed
  • Production of the sectional plate heat exchangers organized.


  • Expansion of sales throughout Russia and CIS countries
  • Service department organized
  • UZTPA office opened in St. Petersburg
  • Work on import substitution and supplying the market with high quality Russian industrial valves was continued in order to protect partners from unscrupulous suppliers and currency fluctuations
  • Serial production of plate heat exchangers UGRESHA launched
  • Serial production of high-pressure ball valves of the NEON series launched
  • On-site production of the flanges launched
  • Shot blasting chamber put into operation to improve quality of painting
  • The quality management system (QMS) certification validated. The QMS external audit conducted and found to comply with the requirements of PJSC Gazprom 9001 - 2012 standards for the production of the industrial valves
  • According to the results of tests by the State laboratory at the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "Center for Power Saving", the AQUARIUS ball valves and the AQUAMARINE wedge gate valves confirmed full compliance with the specifications and technical requirements as per the State Technical Conditions (TU)
  • UZTPA received the "Attractive employer 2017" award as the result of the high ratings at Superjob.ru
  • Warehousing facility reconstructed
  • The 3rd stage of the local territory and plant site improvement completed


  • Significant increase in scope of production, primarily of the ball valves
  • Mass production of ball valves UGRESHA – BALANCE started
  • Production of the HP industrial valve, climatic version XL1 mastered
  • Rise in production of AQUARIUS ball valves with the stainless-steel design to be used in corrosive medium introduced
  • Serial production of UGRESHA butterfly valves for different medium (cold water, hot water, compressed air, oil products) launched
  • UZTPA (LLC) together with Central Boiler and Turbine Institute (JSC "NPO CKTI") tested the AQUAMARINE gate valves, resulting in expansion of the field of application for the hot water up to 150°C (with medium temperature at the inlet 150°C).
  • UZTPA received a certificate of entry into the Unified Register of Contractors and Suppliers of the Oil and Gas Complex (on the basis of the "NEFTEGAZ ENERGO EXPERT" rating)
  • Within the framework of the annual audit of the QMS, the scope of the QMS was extended to apply to the "design" process, as well as to the manufacturing, design and supply of heating network components
  • Ball valves, wedge gate vales and butterfly valves manufactured by the UZTPA (LLC) were registered in the Directory issued by the Central Design Bureau for Industrial Valves (NPF "TsKBA") in accordance with the Standard 036-2017 “Industrial Valves. Reference Tables and Symbols Directory". This organization (NPF "TsKBA") is vested to maintain a directory of all types of industrial valves, which includes the largest manufacturers of the industrial valves in Russia.
  • NEON ball valves certified to receive the highest seismic resistance group 0, the performance of the seismic resistance is 9 points, MCK - 64. (The product remains functional during an earthquake)
  • For the second year in a row portal Superjob.ru awarded to the UZTPA status of the "Attractive Employer 2018" for high professionalism


  • UZTPA Quality Management System (QMS) audit successfully completed with the INTERGAZCERT facultative certification program for compliance with STO Gazprom 9001-2018 standards
  • UGRESHA heat exchangers received the Industrial Safety certificate of compliance with the federal rules and procedures
  • Assessment of the business reputation carried out by the INTERGAZCERT. The received score allows the products of UZTPA to be certified by the INTERGAZCERT system at the highest possible level (1A).
  • Serial production of the explosion-proof NEON ball valves launched in accordance with the Customs Union Technical Requirements TR CU 012
  • Production of UGRESHA gate valves for the natural gas medium mastered
  • Production of brass ball valves started
  • Gala celebration of the 10th anniversary of the plant
  • Portal Superjob.ru awarded the "Attractive Employer - 2019" status to the UZTPA (LLC) for high professionalism for the 3rd consequent year


  • Industrial Safety certificate for UGRESHA butterfly valves received
  • Launching production of the oil ball valves and knife gates