An important link in the quality control system of the UZTPA is the plant materials laboratory. After machining the properties of metals may deteriorate. To guarantee reliability of the UZTPA valves, quality of materials is confirmed in the laboratory conditions, and each ball valve, wedge gate valve or butterfly valve manufactured at the plant is tested. The work of the UZTPA laboratory allows to avoid mistakes in good time, reduce production risks and exclude possible defects.

Such kind of testing guarantees that only high-quality materials are used in the UZTPA manufacturing procedures

Laboratory analysis of materials is required:

  • as a must element of the incoming control
  • to control the quality of supplies from a new supplier
  • in case of a new order from an old supplier
  • if the quality of materials is questioned during the inspection by the Quality Department
  • in the process of assembling special products

UZTPA Plant Materials Laboratory carries out destructive and non-destructive methods of control. They include checking the metal for impact bending, tension, chemical composition, and determining the structure of the metal

The laboratory is equipped with high-precision equipment for metal analysis:

  • Mobile atomic emission spectrometer DFS-100M. It can be used to accurately determine the chemical composition and steel grade
  • Metallographic microscope Biomed MMR-2. It allows to study the microstructure of metals
  • Liquid low-temperature cryostat KRIO-T-05-03. Designed for cooling samples that are tested on the impact pendulum

Equipment for studying the mechanical properties of metals:

  • Impact pendulum KM-300 for determining the impact strength of raw materials
  • Universal testing machine РЭМ-50-A-1-4, which determines the strength characteristics of the material's tensile strength: the limits of proportionality, elasticity, yield stress, elongation and contraction, elastic modulus and fracture strength
  • Testing machine ПМЭ-5 MГ 4 is press for testing springs, which determines their rigidity.

The measuring equipment which is in service with the Ugreshsky Pipeline Valve Plant has "Certificate of Calibration" and "Certificate of Approval of Measuring Instruments". By the end of this year the overall certification procedure of the UZTPA laboratory will be completed, thus ensuring the uniformity of measurements and enacting compliance of the metrological measurements and the conditions for performing measurements conducted in the plant laboratory with the requirements of the Russian legislation